We Can Burn As the Sun

In those first moments of clarity after YAHWEH had brought Adam and Eve together, they were naked before each other in the presence of light and were unashamed. The reason they were unashamed was not due to them having perfect bodies, there were no other bodies around for comparison. That line of thought takes us away from the true meaning of this nakedness they shared and the source of their future shame. There was no fear in the earth, no distrust, no suspicions, no need to protect oneself, no hiding. Yes, they were physically naked, but their souls were also open to each other. They bared their thoughts and feelings in full view. They had no need to look at one another critically, because everything was still good, and there was no fear in the earth. There were no feelings of shame produced by exposing something secret to foreign or uncertain motives. Adam and Eve saw themselves as one being in two bodies. They had not yet been divided by suspicion and distrust.

If you don’t understand this, you believe just because you undress before your spouse that you are naked. However, intimacy does not come from exposing your body. Intimacy comes from exposing your soul, your thoughts, feelings, and intentions. This is one of the reasons I dislike what is implied in calling the act of sexual intercourse “making love.” Sex does not and cannot make love. GOD is Love and He created sex. This is important to understand because it establishes divine order and design. The intimacy and sharing that was once called “the act of marriage,” and also “knowing” your mate, is produced from love. So, sex does not make love. It is love that makes sex what it was intended to be, an expression of two souls in union. Two people can have as much sex as they have strength for, but it will not produce an ounce of true intimacy if they have not bared their souls and come together in unity of thought and intention through trust in the light of truth.

Just as with Adam and Eve, two people can only become one in true intimacy when they are brought together by love, otherwise fear and distrust will continue to shroud them. The bible teaches us that perfect love cast away all fear.

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.” (1 John 4:18 NKJV)

This scripture references the love which comes from YAHWEH which embodies patience, kindness, temperance, generosity, selflessness, endurance, virtue, meekness, faith, and truth. The characteristics contained in divine love banishes fear. Engaging in sex without the souls being united through love may satisfy the flesh temporarily, but it will not bless the soul.

Lust and infatuation are emotions which thrive in darkness. As soon as the light of truth begins to reveal the person being obsessed over, the feelings fade, and it is off to the next subject.

This post comes from recent contemplations I have had regarding what being in love entails. I definitely believe the contents of love drive the feelings and not the other way around. That is important to note because love is not just feelings as some mistakenly believe. Feelings are like the leaves on a tree which change with atmospheric conditions and seasons. Love is the sun, and the rain, and the earth, which sustains the tree. Being in love is being rooted in the earth in a way that makes your tree to thrive. Being in love is being in union with someone in the right way, for the right reasons, where both souls are enriched, and where GOD is glorified. Moses described the glory of GOD as a fire burning inside a bush yet without harming it.

Being in love should be finding your counterpart, where all the adoration, the intensity, the attraction, the fondness, the yearning to be together, and the anticipation of what is to come are reciprocated between the souls with no void. I romantically think of it like the constant reaction at the sun’s core, causing the sun to burn fervently, continuously, and brightly. There is definitely chemistry involved here. The chemistry is the elements of love.

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