Seeking the Fullness Of Love

At the center of biblical Holy days is the commemoration of acts of love from GOD, to the end that from generations to generations, people might remember His faithfulness and adoration for His chosen love, which are the descendants of the one who counted Him good, trustworthy, and faithful. I am speaking of the seed of Abraham. Those who like Abraham, count YAHWEH as faithful and true and therefore put their trust in Him. YAHWEH came to us in the face of YESHUA the Christ, and all who receive His love through accepting Christ as their savior are counted as the seed of Abraham, therefore are heirs to the promises of GOD. Love is about seeing someone as they truly are and loving them because of it. It irritates me when people say love is unconditional, because that says there is no real standard of love that appreciate or assess the value of who you are. When you exercise your mind, heart, and strength in the work of becoming lovely, it should be rewarded and indeed it is. The Lord says if we delight ourselves in Him, then He would give us the desires of our heart. To me, that speaks of a love relationship, with benefits based on conditions.

There is no question that GOD always loves. He is love, and He is faithful and true, but like the sun which is always shines and is fervently hot, the closer you position yourself to it, the more you experience all of its affects. Truly the Lord is the same. He says, “Draw nigh unto me and I will draw nigh unto you.” He says, “Seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you.” Lovers respond to being desired, and lovers are zealous about making themselves desirable to create gravity. Those who are watered and shined upon in love, desire to respond with their sweet fragrances and blooms bright colors. There is nothing passive about passion. There is always stirring and reaching and longing and fulfilling and sharing and exchanging. To desire unconditional love is to have no appreciation for the dance and to be void of the longing to give from deep places to reach deep places. The ideology of no requirement of effort and no standards of purity speaks to a misunderstanding or ignorance of the one who’s image we were made to bear. The one who made our universe to spend and have that motion give us seasons and days, rain and storms, sunny days and winds, rivers and ocean waves, trees that sway and meteors that streak through the night. Certain predetermined and intentional conditions make these all possible. Know GOD, understand who you are made from, and love fervently and courageously.

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