On this page you will find video and audio teachings.

Video Teachings

The book of Ephesians addresses many of the issues facing the Church today. This first video illuminates resurrections life and the call to unity.
This second video looks at Salvation as the mystery of the ages and what it looks like to accept the new life in Christ.
This third video delves into the requirements for spiritual unity and looks at how we have been equipped by Christ for victory.
Ephesians concludes with Paul encouraging accountability and sets standards for Christian behavior at home, at work, and in the world.

“Theinscribedheart” Audio Recordings

Here you will find audio recordings of foundational teachings on this blog. I will add to this list as I have time to record more articles. It is my pleasure to offer these recordings as an alternate means of edification as people are often on the go.

The Fear of The Lord

“The Fear of The Lord” This teaching is the first illumination from GOD. Your understanding who GOD is will determine how you receive and prioritize all of His provisions for your life. The fear of the Lord ensure what GOD has provided becomes life for you.

The Two Covenants of GOD

YAHWEH does everything decently and in order. This includes how he communes with us. GOD communes with us through covenant relationships.

A Heart Surrendered

The Lord says, “Be still and know that I am GOD”. This stillness refers to a place of surrender where our heart hopes and trust in GOD alone as the source of Life.

Continued…A Heart Surrendered

This recording is a continuation of the earlier post “A Heart Surrendered. The first post was more poetic however this post goes into more detail regarding what living with a heart surrendered unto GOD looks like live out.

Answering The Call to Life

There is a call to Life from YAHWEH beckoning us all. How we answer His call will determine if we will have our being in Life or in Death, in Light or in Darkness. How we answer is weighty because the decision is eternal. This post shares what the right response to the call.

The Power of Walking In Your Calling

Walking in your calling as ordained of GOD is the most powerful and impactful expression of your life. Enjoy this recording and be empowered to fulfill your call.

Only Truth Makes Us Free

Misinformation is rampant today resulting in fatal consequences. To be immune from these deadly lies we must submit to Truth. Freedom comes with a price; it will cost us the falsehood of ignorant bliss. Enjoy this recording on the path to true life and liberty.

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