On the third day after the crucifixion of Yeshua, two of the disciples were walking down the road sadly speaking about all that had taken place. A man joined them on the road and inquired why they were having such a sad discourse. They told the man how their hope in the Messiah had been crushed by recent events. So the man started expounding on the Messiah from all the books of the prophets. The disciples were so intrigued with the man’s words that they asked him to stay with them that evening. As they sat at dinner, the man broke bread with the disciples, and as he gave them bread they immediately realized he was the resurrected Messiah, then He vanished. As the disciples reflected on what had taken place, Luke 24:32 records their response, “Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road, and while He opened the Scriptures to us?”

As we travel down life’s road, the Messiah still offers us counsel to help us along the way. His words of life often stir us and awaken us, rekindling our zeal for life by renewing our hope, thus motivating us to march onward. As the Lord counsels me on my journey, I am compelled to share the warmth from His words as they burn in my heart. It is my prayer that you too will feel the fire of His fervent love through the words I share on this blog.

Before being touched by the life of Christ, I existed but I didn’t know what it meant to live. I did not have my being in harmony with the power and spirit which ordered the seasons of my life and how I should live. I didn’t love myself because I didn’t know who I was, nor did I understand the root of the things which compelled me. All of that changed when the light of the gospel of Christ pierced the darkness of my soul.

The letter of the Apostle John records Christ professing that He made all things. Since Christ made all things, He knows the purpose of all things that have been made and when I was ready to listen, He explained to me why I was made and what my life meant. Now I no longer walk in darkness where my ignorance was exploited by Satan, the enemy of mankind and all of creation. The gospel of Christ is the way back to the life which was stolen in the garden of Eden. No amount of wealth or pleasures in the world can restore the richness of the life which was loss in disobedience to GOD.

Christ has come and given His life as an inheritance to those who are willing to lay down their disconnected existence to accept a life directly connected to the Creator. Through this new connection to GOD my soul now overflows with living waters capable of turning the deserts in my life to lush gardens. Now I wake up everyday to the counsel of GOD’s love which leads me to live in harmony with His purposes and seasons. I have a peace which surpasses understanding because I live trusting the Word of my Father GOD instead of my own feelings and limited perspective. If GOD gave His life for me when I was living in ignorance and seeking my own way, how much more will He abound for me now that I am bringing my questions to Him to know His will for my life. The gospel of Christ is the only thing that makes sense of this world because it is Truth. As I share what I have learned of Christ by His word and spirit, I pray it will bring you closer to the heart of GOD.


D.L. Fuller

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