On the third day after the crucifixion of Yeshua, two of the disciples were walking down the road sadly speaking about all that had taken place. A man joined them on the road and inquired why they were having such a sad discourse. They told the man how their hope in the Messiah had been crushed by recent events. So the man started expounding on the Messiah from all the books of the prophets. The disciples were so intrigued with the man’s words that they asked him to stay with them that evening. As they sat at dinner, the man broke bread with the disciples, and as he gave them bread they immediately realized he was the resurrected Messiah, then He vanished. As the disciples reflected on what had taken place, Luke 24:32 records their response, “Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road, and while He opened the Scriptures to us?”

As we travel down life’s road, the Messiah still offers us counsel to help us along the way. His words of life often stir us and awaken us, rekindling our zeal for life by renewing our hope, thus motivating us to march onward. As the Lord counsels me on my journey, I am compelled to share the warmth from His words as they burn in my heart. It is my prayer that you too will feel the fire of His fervent love through the words I share on this blog.


D.L. Fuller

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