How does your life compare to others?

Have you ever looked at your life in comparison to others and thought, why couldn’t that have happened for me? Why some people are born into families with a mother and a father and have never felt concern regarding their next meal. On the other hand, there are others who were born with a single parent and had to become an adult before the other children they knew. Have you ever heard someone give a testimony about how they were given a car or a vacation or even a house and you have had to work for pretty much everything? Or maybe you were born with what is classified as a handicap while others were born seemingly flawless.

As I pondered comparative thinking this morning in relation to people’s life experiences, I thought about stringed instruments and how they are tuned. I thought about how the strings on a guitar which are stretched the tightest have higher pitches. I thought about how people are stretched in life at different levels to have different voices. I thought about how I feel stretched right now and how that will affect my voice in the future. I thought about who is doing the tuning.

A friend told me once that he wished he had command of words and bible knowledge like I have. I told him to have my voice he would first have to have my experiences. That means being born to a single parent with an earthly father that seems to have no capacity for identifying you as an offshoot of himself. It would mean wrestling with feelings of rejection and invalidation as a boy and a young man, because of a lack of affirmation due to the absence of an established identity. It would mean getting off the school bus in front of the apartment complex that you live in and walking pass someone else’s life possessions dumped at the entrance and feeling relieved that you don’t identify anything because your mom also received an eviction notice. When you are a child, there is so much that you are subjected to that you have no power over however you are stuck with owning it.

I thank YESHUA HAMASHIACH, Christ the Savior, for inviting me to come to Him, so that I could lay my burdens down. I thank Him for opening the door for me to have a new Genesis and restoring my divine heritage. I thank Him for giving a perspective of my past that allows me to see His grace and mercy throughout all I suffered and endured. My life is a string on an instrument in the Lord’s hand, which He is tuning as an accompaniment to His love song. I can look at my past without bitterness or a hard heart because I accept that my life has been in the hands of the Great Orchestrator. I am not suggesting that the Lord ordained evil in my life to bring about my fulfillment. When Christ was accused of casting out devils by using the power of devils, He told them that a house divided against itself could not stand. I am saying the goodness and graciousness of GOD intervened and kept me from the utter destruction that the powers of darkness were working toward. The Lord hates innocent bloodshed, and His heart is tender towards the widow and the fatherless. He will recompense all evil at the appointed time.

The Lord allows evil to persist for a season to get our attention and to instruct us in the fear of the Lord. The Lord is life, and it is in straying from Him that we are introduced to the ways of death. Evil entered creation through an abuse of the gift of free will. The Lord leveraged the circumstances of my life to open my ears to His call and after He had drawn me close enough, He touched my broken heart and I have ever since been captivated by His presence and regenerated by His touch. I have accepted a personal gift of life from the Creator ordained and fitted just for me. Now I understand that with GOD all things are possible, and He loves each of us as His favorite. Don’t compare your life to anyone else’s because GOD has something unique He wants to express through you. Since GOD can only love perfectly, He loves us all the same but recognizes us all by the unique pitch in each of our hearts as a loving Father.

Symbolizining The Love To Music. is a mixed media by Jozef Klopacka

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