Do you know what Today is?

I was thinking back to what people would go through to get a bargain on “Black Friday”. It has become known as the day of the greatest deals before Christmas. I don’t think it is ironic but rather strategic that one of the greatest displays of covetousness now traditionally occurs right after a Holiday observed by many as a day of Thanksgiving. People have been stampeded and fights have broken out during these events. Late one evening while driving home after spending Thanksgiving at my mom’s home, I passed a store with a line of people wrapped around it waiting for the doors to open on Black Friday. There were police in the parking lot keeping order. I thought to myself it is amazing what people will endure for a deal on electronics.

Today is the Day of Salvation. The Spirit of GOD is calling us to take advantage of His offering of Salvation, with all of its treasures and benefits.

Therefore, as the Holy Spirit says:

“Today, if you will hear His voice,
Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion,
In the day of trial in the wilderness,
Where your fathers tested Me, tried Me,
And saw My works forty years.
10 Therefore I was angry with that generation,
And said, ‘They always go astray in their heart,
And they have not known My ways.’
11 So I swore in My wrath,
‘They shall not enter My rest.’ ”

12 Beware, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God; 13 but exhort one another daily, while it is called “Today,” lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin. 14 For we have become partakers of Christ if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast to the end, 15 while it is said:

“Today, if you will hear His voice,
Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion.”

Since therefore it remains that some must enter it, and those to whom it was first preached did not enter because of disobedience, again He designates a certain day, saying in David, “Today,” after such a long time, as it has been said:

“Today, if you will hear His voice,
Do not harden your hearts.”

For if Joshua had given them rest, then He would not afterward have spoken of another day. There remains therefore a rest for the people of God. 10 For he who has entered His rest has himself also ceased from his works as God did from His. (Hebrews 4:7-15 and Hebrew 5:6-10)

We are living in the Day of Salvation that has been prophesied from the beginning. In the garden of Eden, the Lord spoke Himself of the coming of Christ that He would bruise Satan’s head and that Satan would bruise His heal. This is a reference to the death and resurrection of YESHUA HAMASHIAH and the grace and light of truth that has been released which is destroying the works of Satan. We are living in the days of light and grace, so it is important that we enter into the Kingdom now while the way to the door can be seen and reached, for a time is coming when that door will be closed and darkness will return to the earth.

The Word, also called the Truth, is the light of the world. The light has come through Christ and remains through the Holy Spirit in the body of Christ, also known as the Church. Judgment is in the world now according to the working of the Holy Spirit. The Church will be caught up from the earth before the wrath of GOD is poured out into it. After the Church is taken, the Day of Salvation will be passed. In Matthew chapter 24, Christ said in the day before He comes it will be just like the days of Noah. People disregarded the ways of GOD right up until the day of the ark was closed, and the same day the ark closed, the flood of GOD’s wrath came. So will it be when the door of the Church is shut, and the Day of Salvation passes. The date that the Day of Salvation will pass no man can tell you, but it is being revealed that “Today” it is still here for all who are now alive. The grace of GOD is present “Today” as a wedge holding open the door for all who will humble themselves through repentance and surrender to the Lamb of GOD, Christ the King.

 Darkness entered the world when man chose to rebel against the light, which is GOD’s Word. He commanded man not to eat of the tree that would lead to them reasoning for themselves between good and evil, but they disobeyed and partook anyway and ever since they have been trusting in their own intellect instead of just hearkening to His voice as sheep in the flock of the Good Shepherd. If you are ready to turn from your own ways to obedience to the Word, then the door is open to you. Enter now while you are yet alive and can hear the call. The door is the cross of Christ through the forgiveness of sin, opened by His shed blood. The door has been made narrow, so that no man can enter in unless He humbly strips himself of all of his own coverings, and confesses his own nakedness, and confesses his need for the garments of righteousness provided by the Lamb of GOD.

I pray the Lord give you understanding, and if you have not yet entered the rest of Christ that you enter while is still “Today”.

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