Reaching Spiritual Eroticism

The spiritual equivalent of sex is deep and truthful knowing. So, spiritual eroticism can be understood as the deep exploration of one another’s soul in the peace, liberty, and safety of Love. Spiritual eroticism is finding extravagant ways to express love and enjoying the privileged invitation to explore the unique intricacies of the one you love. The emphasis here is on finding, seeking, and exploring ways to show deeper awareness and appreciation for the many treasures your lover possesses. This level of intimacy is impossible without being quickened by the Spirit of GOD, which means we have to first receive the perfect love which comes from GOD. The love of GOD provides the temperance, the meekness, the gentleness, the patience, the humility, and the selflessness it takes to inhabit this holy place. Therefore, neither the fearful, the prideful, nor the undisciplined can enter. It is a delightful dwelling for the spiritual mature. This is why it is called the “Secret Place,” because it is hidden beyond a desert which cannot be traversed by flesh alone.

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