Your Greatest Supporter

In serious business, people often look for you to invest something of yourself to show that you are sincere and committed. No one has been more vested in your life than GOD. You may feel that He has been distant and not very present, but His love is in every bird that sings, every fragrant and beautiful flower, every sunrise and sunset, and every other thing which brings pure delight. On top of that, He came to earth in the form of a man to experience all we have to endure. I dare say the suffering that He went through surrounding His crucifixion even surpasses that of childbirth. No one can say that GOD has not put skin in the game. Oh, but He even went a step further. He has poured out His very Spirit into the earth as yet another sign and gesture of His good faith and sincerity. In Ephesians 1:14 the Apostle Paul calls the gift of the Holy Spirit the earnest installment of our full inheritance which is to come. Alleluia! Isn’t that glorious!

Have you ever experienced people requiring things of you that they would never do themselves or giving you work that they do not want to do themselves? Well, YESHUA our Savior is not that way. Talk about humility and meekness, the GOD of ALL creation has not asked us to do anything that He hasn’t done Himself. He truly leads by example and can relate to whatever you may want to take to Him in prayer. He has called for you to come Him as a friend, a child, and even a covenant lover or spouse. My encouragement to you today is not to hold back but to give yourself to Him totally. Seek GOD with your whole heart because He truly loves you with ALL of His might. He is truly ALL in. Through Christ, GOD has proposed an offer where we have everything to gain and nothing to lose. I pray you have accepted His offer of salvation, restoration, and fulfillment because it is the best offer you will ever receive.

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