Where is the Church that Christ built?

Easter after Easter, Resurrection Sunday after Resurrection Sunday, Christians reflect on the death and resurrection of Christ yet they still don’t understand it. I say this because the resurrection life that Yeshua made available to us is not being lived NOW. Yeshua told the religious leaders if they tore down the temple or church, that he would rebuild it in three days. Where is the Church rebuilt by Christ? Where is the Church filled with the righteousness of Christ, the Love of Christ, the obedience of Christ, the faithfulness of Christ, the power of Christ, the glory of the Son? I am not talking about a building somewhere with a congregation. The church that Christ rebuilt is made of living stones instead of lifeless stones. Where are the individuals who fulfill the righteousness of the Law through living by the Spirit: glorifying Yahweh as the resurrected body of Christ?

Most people today that say they believe on the Son of God, (Jesus-Messiah-Yeshua) aren’t willing to suffer for righteousness sake.  The death of the cross has been limited to somethimg experienced only by Yeshua. Consequently, the resurrection life that comes after the cross has also been limited to a life lived only by Yeshua. Churches today don’t hold their members accountable to living like Yeshua. The understanding is that we all try to be like Yeshua while knowing it is impossible; it’s just the religious thing to do. How does this mindset compare to what Yeshua said when He declared that those that believed on Him would be able to do even greater works than what He performed. In fact, most confessing Christians have the misconception that we won’t be able to live like Yeshua until we get to Heaven. Church members are taught they will only be free from sin once they get to heaven; after shedding the flesh. Yeshua didn’t say, tear down this church and I will rebuild it again in the Kingdom of Heaven; He said He would rebuild it in three days!

On the third day after Yeshua was crucified, He was raised again. After His resurrection, He ascended to Heaven to make available the same resurrection power to any man that would be willing to be an extension of His body in the earth. To be an extension of His body, you have to submit your body to the rulership of His mind. This is what is meant by making Yeshua Lord and Savior. Yeshua is the head of the body or the mind of the church. The believer surrenders his body to serve the will of Christ. Resurrection life is the life of Christ flowing through a believer that has surrendered his body to be governed by the mind of Christ. Since no man knows the mind of Yahweh but the spirit of Yahweh, the Holy Spirit has been sent to indwell and fill all those that make room by getting off of the throne through taking up the cross.

Romans 6:5-7

For if we have been united together in the likeness of His death, certainly we also shall be in the likeness of His resurrection, knowing this, that our old man was crucified with Him, that the body of sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves of sin.

The death of Christ was on this wise; no man took His life but He laid it down. To be buried in the likeness of His death is to lay your life down through taking up your own cross. It follows that as the Spirit quickened Christ and raised Him again, if we deny carnal living through mortifying the deeds of the flesh then the Spirit will quicken us with new life to live spiritually. So then, after we bury our old habits through the baptism of repentance, we then look for the baptism of fire; the power of the Holy Spirit unto newness of life. Just as Christ was grieved in Gethsemane, we will be grieved in denying the cravings of the flesh but they that wait upon the Lord will renew in strength and mount up with wings as eagles. This is to say, if we will put our bodies on the alter, sprinkled with the blood of the lamb, fire will come down from Heaven and consume the offering; we will be filled with the Spirit. He that has an ear let him hear the good news of the Gospel. Resurrection life for NOW!

Don’t let another observance of the resurrection of Christ pass by without embracing your own cross and realizing that resurrection life is available now. Resurrection life is real. I am intentionally not referencing a bunch of scriptures to support what I have written here, because every man is going to have to subdue His own flesh, along with all the carnal reasoning the mind can muster, until they come to the same conclusion as Yeshua… “Not my will but yours be done.” I am a new creature in Christ. I am living a life that only Yahweh could show me. I am learning things from the Holy Spirit that no man has taught me. Taking up the cross is a very personal and intimate experience, between an individual and the God-head. The decision to take up the cross is made alone in an obscure place, but the resurrection life that follows shines for all to see, bringing glory to Yeshua.

Let go and let God Almighty.

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  1. This is a hard word to hear as the venom of the world curses through the veins of folk bitten by networks, and media proclaiming the radical nature of such doctrine. Most pulpits in America proclaiming all have failed (sinned) and come short of the glory of GOD. It took you (x) amount of years to amass this amount of sin in your life, surely you don’t believe you can changed those old habits over night. In the understanding that CHRIST took on the cross Knowing his former glory and the majesty and power that awaited him after. We all have to crucify our own flesh and there is no one to scourge us and lay us to a cross and crucify us willingly or unwillingly the entire task lies with us. SIn seeks to kill a man while the crucifying of flesh seeks to bring life. This thing does not make sense in the natural and the nature of the relationship and discipleship is down played. I have never heard a pastor preach that a mans works could surpass the deeds that CHRIST did here on earth. where is the church that CHRIST would rebuild and would stand after his resurrection? I used to ask pastors why did CHRIST heal and say “go and sin no more” if it is impossible, was JESUS a trickster? The power to walk upright and deny the flesh would cause Christians to question other CHURCH practices that are not biblical correct.
    I personally have not walked as CHRIST or found the discipline to fight off every lust or temptation. What I have done is make a commitment to continue to fight daily, every hour, every minute and second to make the decision that reflects my decision to follow CHRIST. I fail often while I am more successful this year than I was the previous year or the previous month. These victories have more to do with GOD being faithful enough to honor prayer and lead me not into temptation and to deliver me from evil. It can be discouraging to hear that in my failures that I may not be the church. I think I will continue to concentrate on the love that died for me and empowers me than to focus in on the negative. What I hope to convey is that folk are fat and lazy and uninspired to live up to their potential, and instead of telling them they do not look like they should or behave like they should could be more discouraging than saying they have already failed. Keep fighting praying and I believe every day you will get closer to your desire to walk upright.

    1. Thanks for the temperance and humility reflected in your response. Many people avoid conversations about religion and politics fearing the possibility of damaging a relationship however if we could all communicate at the level of maturity reflected in your response we could talk about most anything. Bless you.

      What I had hoped to do was inspire people toward excepting the truth of the gospel that we could actually become new creatures in Christ and live up to the expectation of our Heavenly Father. The scripture says a little leaven leavens the whole lump; belief that Christlikeness is unattainable has caused many to set standards below the mark. I was trying to emphasize that Christ sowed His life through the death of the cross that He might reap the life again from many.

      When it comes to the resurrection of the dead, the focus is always the resurrection at Christ’s coming, instead of the resurrection of spiritual life that is possible today; through a renewed connection to Yahweh. It is like the woman with an issue of blood, she touched the hem of Yeshua’s garment and was healed instantly of a medical issue that doctors had been trying to cure for twelve years. People had been bumping up against Yeshua and pulling on Him all day but they really didn’t understand the power that was present in Him. The woman with the issue of blood new the power available in Him and new what was possible if she could just get close enough. Yeshua told her that her faith had made her whole. She new the power of that connection. People today don’t understand what it means to be able to touch Yeshua with their faith. I am trying to stir people to greater expectation that they might obtain more out of life today.

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