Where is the Church that Christ built?

Easter after Easter, Resurrection Sunday after Resurrection Sunday, Christians reflect on the death and resurrection of Christ yet they still don’t understand it. I say this because the resurrection life that Yeshua made available to us is not being lived NOW. Yeshua told the religious leaders if they tore down the temple or church, that... Continue Reading →

Being Hard Core Requires Firm Decisions

The subject of the previous post “To Soar in the Spirit You Have to Be Hardcore” deals more with the preparation needed to effectively deal with the nature of sin rather than the subject of dealing with sin directly. A key part of aligning ourselves for deliverance from sin is making a firm decision on... Continue Reading →

Hate: The Power Given to the Enemy.

When you hate someone it is an acknowledgement that they have influence or power into your life. This power or influence is owned by you because it is generated from your own thoughts and beliefs. In this present day there is always stimuli from outside sources aimed at generating hate as well as fear in us. The wicked one desires... Continue Reading →

Beware Of The Kool Aid

Back in the 70’s and early 80’s, during children's programing, it was very common to see advertisements for Kool-Aid brand drink mix, promoted as a great refreshment for thirsty children. To prepare the beverage you combined 2 quarts of water and plenty of sugar, at least one whole cup, with a single package of the... Continue Reading →

The Privilege

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Men Need To Know Y


Her Garden is secret because:

Her beauty radiates on levels far greater than the eye can capture,

Her fragrant aromas venture beyond that which can be perceived through the nose,

Her delightful sweetness surpasses that of mere oral pleasure,

The true treasures of her garden can only be reached through steadfast love,

The true treasures of her garden can only be held with unselfish hands,

The true treasures of her garden can only be seen through the eye of the spirit,

The true treasures of her garden can only be experienced when she gives them,

The true treasures of her garden can only be known by a heart she embraces,

The true treasures of her heart are kept in secret.

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The KISS of Salvation

We definitely have a part in our salvation. One of the main evidences of this is that all men will not be saved. The scripture is clear that God would have all men to be saved as in the Book of 1 Timothy 2:1-6. What keeps all men from being saved is the fact that... Continue Reading →

The Impoverished Beggar

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Men Need To Know Y

The impoverished beggar calls to me in a language vaguely familiar. A language filled with profane and meaningless words, with moaning and crude gestures that get my attention. I understand what he wants but I feel obligated not to oblige him, since it will only compounds his misery despite his earnest yearnings. Sometimes I feel a natural affection to grant his wish however the knowledge of the spiritual forbids me. There is no quenching his thirst, no saving him. I have decided to let him perish and afterwards not miss him nor mourn him. His birth was a curse and his death will restore the balance of life. He is the inner man of sin and I have been sanctified. The old man perishes but the new man is renewed day by day.

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The Birds and the Bees

As we start our climb toward the climax of spring we see the reproduction process of nature intensify evidenced by the proliferation of pollen everywhere. As pollen gets all over your clothes, your car, even in our bodies triggering allergies for some, do you ever stop and think that during this time we are caught... Continue Reading →

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