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Men Need To Know Y

I attended a bible study recently and it was good for the most part. Every one left feeling they knew the right things to do. It was evident that everyone understood the lesson however; as we prepared to end in prayer I felt something was undone. I continued to focus in on this feeling I had and it became clear.

It was a men’s bible study and men have a tendency to be so cerebral, intellectual, and logical. We had given the men the “what” but we failed to clarify the process of “how”.  Acknowledging a need to make changes or improvements is only part of the solution. Being aware of a need creates the potential for change but does not ensure that actual change will be accomplished.

Men have known the right thing to do since Genesis yet history proves that this awareness has not created a righteous civilization…

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The Music Maker

When you think of an instrument maker and how he crafts different instruments you will realize there are vastly different processes employed to produce each instrument. Take brass instruments, first the brass has to be extracted from the ground and then fired to extreme heat to be formed. Now look at wood winds, they have... Continue Reading →

No Commentary

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Men Need To Know Y

Are you still flexible enough to put your foot in your mouth? Most men are, even late into their years. I recently took a class on my job that dealt with leadership and problem resolution. The class left me with a few nuggets that were not only useful in the office but were also useful on a much wider scale. One of the key bits of advice that I knew I needed was how to give objective feedback. Objective feedback was defined as feedback free of the following:






I am challenged with two items in this list, namely “Analysis” and “Commentary”. I, like the majority of men, have a propensity to be analytical when taking in information. As a matter of fact, I am not even sure if I know how to listen without analyzing. This is why the next item on the list is…

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Reflecting On His Cross

This Sunday, as people have done for over a thousand years, many people will reflect on the death and resurrection of the Messiah. What is the message that this reflection will yield? It is astonishing to me the degree of darkness that still pervades around the cross of Jesus as evidenced by the denial of... Continue Reading →

Being Identified With Christ

What does it mean to be identified with Christ? Before you rush to answer consider the rich young ruler whom Christ told to go sell everything he owned before he could be identified with Him. Scripture says the rich young ruler went away grieved because he had many riches. After he left, YESHUA went on... Continue Reading →

Unconditional Love

I recently searched for the word “unconditional” in several versions of the Holy Bible and you know what…I couldn’t find it. So, where does a person get the idea that God’s love is unconditional? My guess is the same place as the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. I realize that this is a bubble buster... Continue Reading →

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