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Men Need To Know Y

I attended a bible study recently and it was good for the most part. Every one left feeling they knew the right things to do. It was evident that everyone understood the lesson however; as we prepared to end in prayer I felt something was undone. I continued to focus in on this feeling I had and it became clear.

It was a men’s bible study and men have a tendency to be so cerebral, intellectual, and logical. We had given the men the “what” but we failed to clarify the process of “how”.  Acknowledging a need to make changes or improvements is only part of the solution. Being aware of a need creates the potential for change but does not ensure that actual change will be accomplished.

Men have known the right thing to do since Genesis yet history proves that this awareness has not created a righteous civilization…

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  1. Wow!…..I like that a lot. Being aware of a situation isn’t enough you have to make the necessary changes to ensure change will occur!!

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