Do What Jesus Did

There is this popular mantra often heard in Christians circles to help guide decisions, “What Would Jesus Do”. It is time to remove the question and simply “Do What Jesus Did”. YESHUA HAMASHIACH did not do what He “thought” the Father would do, He said He did whatsoever He “saw” The Father do. As the Church, we have to study the acts of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit to do what they have done. The examples are plentiful throughout scripture. The bible tells us that there is nothing new under the sun, so there is no incident present today that GOD has not already given us an example of what we should do. We should not have to ask ourselves, “What Would Jesus Do,” we should simply be “Doing What Jesus Did”. The problem is that too many are blinded by their clouded hearts so they can’t see GOD; past, present, or future.

“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” (Matthew 5:8 KJV)

I know that I reference this scripture often. I do it because the understanding of it is so essential to what the Church needs today in order to put on Christ and fulfill the call.

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (Matthew 6:21 KJV)

You have to ask yourself honestly, what is it you want out of life? If it is recognition in this world, the world’s riches (a big house, fancy cars, expensive clothes) or easy living, then you will have to obscure the vision of the Cross to make it acceptable to you. Through the adulterated heart, even the scriptures have been compromised to make them acceptable. This is why we see the banner of Christ flying over all manner of foolishness today.

The Word of GOD, YESHUA the Christ, came to earth through the birth canal, putting on flesh like all those He came to save, to help them better relate to Him, since they were so carnally minded and had rejected all of His previous messengers. YAHWEH said, I will send my beloved Son as a humble servant, I will have him lay aside His unapproachable glory, and put on a form they can handle with their hands and look upon with their eyes. The Son humbled Himself, even unto the death of the cross. Today, if people could see what He did, they would not complain about putting on a mask to minister to the weak and fearful during a pandemic. Clear your hearts brothers and sisters and see what He has done.

Christ came to minister to those who were oppressed, downtrodden, and in bondage. He didn’t condemn the poor and shame them for their circumstances, but lowered himself and fed them, healed them, and gave them hope. He rebuked those who had gathered resources by using His name yet were unwilling to distribute to the needy. What is the average income of a senior pastor in a large congregation today compared to the poor in their community? The inequality in many church communities resembles the wealth gap between the rich and the poor in the world. Clear your hearts brothers and sisters and see what He has done.

It is a challenge to be born and raised in this world without being infused with its values and skews. That is exactly why we have to be born again through the cross of Christ. The cross of denying yourself the natural inclinations stirring in your flesh to abide in the Spirit. The cross of denouncing the mindset and principles you have learned from this world to put on the mind of Christ after Truth, so you can please Him and manifest His love. I have recently heard the foolishness regarding the COVID vaccine being the mark of the beast. People are living their lives serving the god of their belly like hungry wolves, ignoring the word of GOD and the spirit of truth, yet they are concerned about being condemned for taking a vaccine. Complete foolishness. Many people already have the nature of the beast and the anti-Christ, any prophesied compromise in the future will only make it formal unless they repent now.

This world systems as they run today are unsustainable. They have rejected the rule of Love and have remained corrupted through deception, greed, and violence. Noah and his family, the ark, and the flood, are signs for today. The wooden cross of Christ is the ark, the doorway into the ark is the body of Christ, and the family that enters the ark are those who have been born again through surrendering their life to Christ, and the flood is the judgement and wrath of GOD which is coming. It is time to repent and cleanse your heart to make sure you are in the Ark. The door of the ark will be shut, just as before, and no one else will be allowed to enter. Everyone who has not fostered a love of Truth and turned from this world will be deceived and forsake the ark of GOD’s love. It is decision time, judge yourself. Are you entering in, or will you be left out?

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