Manifesting Love’s Glory With “Fire-would”

Moses beheld a bush on fire, yet the fire didn’t consume it. The glory of GOD shown on it, and it was a glorious sight. Together, we can burn as this wonder that Moses witnessed, with the glory of GOD. All we need bring is the Fire-would.

If we would… bring soft hearts that receive and not repel. Nothing bounces off a soft pillow, unlike the hardness of stone or metal. That which is soft receives and embraces.

If we would… immerse our hearts in the love of GOD then our hearts would be conditioned with hope, encouragement, charity, forgiveness, humility, temperance, compassion, and empathy. All the elements needed to keep our hearts soft.

If we would… keep our hearts filled with the love of GOD, that would warm our hearts at all times acting as a defense against the frost of cold love which whirls about in these times.

If we would… endeavor to first be what we hope to see in the other, as the laborer must be first partaker of the fruits, then we would be less susceptible to anger and frustration with the other, as we recall how we also stumbled along the same path.

If we would… be willing to always acknowledge and then bury our faults in repentance, so that GOD can resurrect us in new life after His love, as we die to the rudiments of this world to be born again of the heavenly virtues.

If we would… believe that we were made by Love, for Love, to love, then our love Would be a light to give others hope, and a signal to the world that Love has come and made a way for all who would believe.

We were created to be adorned with the glorious fire of GOD’s fervent love. It seems impossible with man, but all things are possible with GOD. The beautiful fire of GOD’s Spirit will dance upon us… if we would…

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