Knowing who you are can change “what you do for a living” to “realizing what living can do for you”.

To exist means you are, but that is not a complete statement. You are who? That is the question which answers all others pertaining to your existence. Who you really are tells where you came from and where you are destined to be. Today there are many people who base their identity on their careers, and as their career goes, so goes their since of worth and esteem. The impact of COVID-19 has shaken the careers of many people resulting in a huge impact on the mental well-being of many who have lost businesses and jobs. Even outside of a pandemic there have been other widely felt disruptions to people’s careers like the disruption of new technologies and automation, and the outsourcing of jobs to global markets. This is proof that you need a more secure source to base your sense of worth and identity on. The question people ask regarding your career tells the story, “What do you do for a living?”

Living is an expression of life and GOD is life. You don’t truly begin to live until you first know GOD and then allow that knowledge to be expressed through your being. GOD wants to express Himself through you so you can experience the beauty and fulfillment of truly living. This is why Christ taught that we should seek first to be submitted to the truth of GOD and then all things which fulfill our existence would follow.

In 2019, I published a book titled “True Heritage”. The book came by inspiration of the Spirit to assist man with recovering his true identity as children of the Heavenly Father. Within the true identity of man is the answer to that all important question… What is man’s purpose? Your purpose is revealed in your identity. The bible tells us that GOD was in Christ reconciling the world back to himself. YAHWEH is the origin of all life, that is why He is also called the Heavenly Father. He is the source of your life and only He can affirm your true identity and fulfill you. Being reconciled to Him is being reconciled to your purpose. Christ taught that there was no way back to the Father except through Him because He alone is the way, the truth, and the life. Christ is the express image of the Heavenly Father. When we surrender to Christ, we are really surrendering to the original image in which we were made. The gospel of Christ is the gospel of reconciliation back to the source of your true identity. The scope of your purpose and who you are, your True Heritage, spans eternally beyond the affairs of this current world. My hope is that this message of a greater divine purpose intrigues you and leads you to seek GOD first and foremost for fulfillment. I pray you find your life which is hid in Christ our Lord and you come to see yourself after the image of your original progenitor, the Heavenly Father.  

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