Harnessing the Spark Of Righteous Judgement

There can be no justice with out truth, so lies are spread to restrain the establishment of righteousness. Where there is no light, the way is difficult to find, so all directions get honored the same. Christ came into the world with the light of truth and made the way plain. Now that which is good and that which is evil is distinguishable. As prophesied in the book of Isaiah, He has turned the darkness into light before us and made the crooked things straight. Now we can discern the wolves, the goats, and the sheep. The Lord has provided the light, it is time to do the work of righteous judgement. If we will not judge now by mercy and truth, we will be subject to the Lord’s judgement to come, and His judgement will be brazen.

Surely His salvation is near to those who fear Him,
That glory may dwell in our land.

10 Mercy and truth have met together;
Righteousness and peace have kissed.
11 Truth shall spring out of the earth,
And righteousness shall look down from heaven.
12 Yes, the Lord will give what is good;
And our land will yield its increase.
13 Righteousness will go before Him,
And shall make His footsteps our pathway.
(Psalm 85:9-13 NKJV)

Christ has fulfilled this prophecy. He has brought us Salvation, but men do not fear Him. The Church has allowed the lie of Satan to pervert the testimony of GOD as the Lion and the Lamb. The lie from the beginning has been that there is no consequence for defying GOD’s command. Adam and Eve believed this lie and were cast out of paradise and are now dead. There were grave consequences to their actions. A doubting heart is vulnerable to the lethal poison of a lie. Pride challenges the authority of GOD’s word and creates the opportunity for sin.

“By mercy and truth iniquity is purged: and by the fear of the Lord men depart from evil.” (Proverbs 16:6 KJV)

I was not familiar with the ministry of Ravi Zacharias while he lived, but I do know a few people who revered him. His name came up in a bible study recently in reference to his tragic story. I fact checked in the days that followed and the news articles I read painted a picture worse than what was discussed in the bible study. Many of his errant dealings were known by those close to him but they would not do the work of righteous judgement. As a result, instead of wounding him in correction and minimizing damages, many have now been harmed and deeply wounded, and there is yet another occasion for the lost to doubt the path known as Christianity.

Righteous judgement is applying the standards of love to our own behaviors and to the Church community as detailed in the Word of GOD.  Without this, we cannot be a light to unbelievers, and we will fail to demonstrate the new life given through the resurrection power of Christ. How can those of our generation believe His testimony if there is no evidence of His resurrected body? As the Church, we must take up our cross and allow the life of Christ to be manifest through the members of our body.

We have to live in the big picture of GOD’s record. Whether we want to face it or not, we were born into a war for GOD’s glory, and we were born to glorify Him. Satan wants to destroy us to keep us from fulfilling our call. He has produced all manner of lies to steal our identity and to keep us from realizing our potential as image bearers of GOD. I thank GOD for YESHUA HAMASHIACH, Christ our Lord, for destroying the power of Satan and giving us our heritage back through the life found in His blood. The power of GOD’s Word abiding in our heart unleashes a power of righteousness which is greater than the strength of sin. The strength of sin is pride, and the power of righteousness is faith in GOD’s love.

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