Knowing The Potter

God allowed Joseph to be sold into slavery, and imprisoned for over 2 years before delivering him. When He delivered him, He exalted him to an office only second to Pharaoh. The three Hebrew boys chose to honor God at the risk of being cast into a fire pit, and instead of preventing their sentence for refusing to commit idolatry, the Lord met them in the flames before delivering them unharmed. God allowed Daniel to spend the night in a den of lions for defying a king’s ordinance forbidding him to pray; of course no harm came upon him. Given those examples and many others in the bible, what do we learn about our deliverer? There are times when God’s children have to hope and hold on to the very last to see their deliverance come. God promises that He will never leave you nor forsake you, and that He will never let you suffer beyond what you can handle. There are no formulas or methods for predicting how or exactly when God will move on your behalf. There is just the assurance that He is with you in the midst of whatever you are going through, and He is very conscience of your pain and discomfort. There is also assurance that the outcome is one that He has calculated with your very best interest at heart, and you will undoubtedly be better for it if you hold on and not turn from Him in fear, doubt, or unbelief. Notice, I did not say do not have fear, doubt, or unbelief…if it is there, it is there; just don’t let it cause you to draw back from God. Talk to your heavenly Father about your fear, your doubt or your unbelief. The key is to stay engaged with Him, and I guarantee He will give you what you need to make it another day. If you stay the course until the appointed end, you will find that the path He took you on is justified by the destination He has brought you to.

The Potter knows the right amount of pressure and heat needed to make vessels of glory for His purposes. We have to settle it within ourselves to endure and persevere, because Yeshua forewarned us that we enter the kingdom through much tribulation. Anything of worth comes with a cost, the greater the worth the greater the cost. I am grateful that the cost for entering the kingdom is subsidized by GOD.  We also need to realize that when we veer off course, it causes us to incur extra expense. Know that the Lord is the Good Shepherd, and His straight and narrow way is the path that cost us the least. What makes the journey almost impossible is when we do not share God’s values, and feel that the cost is not worth it. The world we live in mostly does not share God’s values, and its influence can cause uncertainty. This is exactly why Yeshua says those that would follow him have to take up their crosses daily, meaning we have to die daily to the influences of this world, so that our pursuit of Him is uninterrupted.  Be encouraged, everyone being perfected is going through something. The key word is through. There is an appointed end, and there will be feasting and joy!

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