Much Love to those who visit my fruit stand.

The garden of the Lord is watered by the well spring of His spirit.

In times of drought when the heat is exacting,

the fruit of His vineyard does not languish or wither.

He has tilled the soil well and broken up the fallow ground,

all of His seeds take root and bring forth fruit.

The plants of His garden stretch toward His light,

they are drawn to His glory.

The garden’s fruit are filled with the joy drawn from His river.

The fulness of joy causes the plants to bow before Him.

The fruit of the Lord’s garden is for a continual feast.

He has bidden all the famished of the world to come to His table.

My heart was once a desert of dry and parched land,

now it is a flourishing garden from the touch of the Lord’s hand.

He has poured into my life that I might produce fruit for others.

My life of sanctification is to strengthen my sisters and brothers.

I abide in His word so that His seeds of love can take root,

YESHUA deserves all praise and glory for any good fruit.

Much love and appreciation to all of you who read my blog. It is my sincere hope that as you read, there is something that strengthens your soul, something that gives you hope, something that causes you to understand that the Creator loves you still more than you realize. It is also my hope that you are having intimate fellowship with the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit as they work to turn your heart into a community garden, where those around you can be strengthened by the life-giving fruit from the gardening of GOD in your soul. Through GOD, may you never see another hungry or thirsty day.

2 thoughts on “Much Love to those who visit my fruit stand.

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  1. This was my Valentine offering to bless the hearts of those who visit and follow my blog. I think the title may have threw some people and they thought the post was about an actual fruit stand 😛

    Anyway, I do appreciate all who spend time reading my blog. I truly hope it is a blessed experience.

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