Get Your Stars From GOD

From my studies and observations, a notable fact jutted out to me; people do not recognize brilliancy, and often when they do, it is years down the road. This is why it is CRUCIAL for you to understand that whatever it is you do or feel called to do, you do it unto the Lord whole heartedly. I mean do it to please the Lord as He inspires you and do it in abandon to the actions or inactions of others. I have found that few people actually consider. Most just run on the programming installed in their minds by this world system. Few people study or delve beneath the surface of things to understand the depth of what they are being exposed to. Get your stars from GOD, the authority and originator of all true brilliance!

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  1. Shonda: Reading one of your past messages. I was talking to someone today about this very topic! This is right on time! God is Good🙌🏽🙌🏽

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