Only Truth Makes Us Free

I just finished a study on Truth with some faithful brothers. We looked at the questions; What it is Truth? and What is our responsibility to Truth? It was a powerful study, however we did not fully address the question why as awesome as Truth is, why there is still disunity and false doctrines that infiltrate the church and manages to keep us divided. We discovered that Truth is unconcealable, yet there are people in the world still abiding in darkness, to include some also who confess Christ. I don’t think we emphasized the Cross enough and what it means to truly surrender. People say it and sing about it, but seldom really do it. What does it mean to lay your life down? It means to intentionally surrender your concepts of life which are not based in the knowledge of Truth as revealed by the Spirit and the Word. This includes individual ideas about what is right and what is wrong, what you need to live and even how you define yourself. It means to truly allow GOD to become your reality. This aspect of surrender is seldom emphasized enough. The issue is that until true surrender is truly understood and accepted, men will lack the pureness of heart required to truly see GOD.

“Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see GOD.” (Matthew 5:8 KJV)

The reality that GOD is Truth, in context of this scripture means that until our hearts are truly surrendered to GOD, we can’t see Truth. The perspective or view of Life will always be distorted by a heart not truly surrendered, because Life will always be GOD “AND”. The “AND” is the leaven which leavens the whole lump. No one can make another person fully surrender, but the need has to be emphasized through love because the quality of our lives will suffer from the falsehoods and darkness which remains present around us.  

Ultimately, we all have to deal with what we don’t like about the Word of GOD. What it is that GOD is requiring of us to surrender that we feel is unfair or wrong, or the thing we feel we need in addition to GOD. Until we face the truth about that, we will cover it up with a false doctrine, a lie. It will be the stronghold causing us to resist the light, facilitating our bondage in darkness. It will be the place where we are separate from GOD, thereby keeping us from becoming truly one with Him as well as the other members of Christ. The other option is to acknowledge that we have this dissonance, yet choose to surrender anyway because ultimately, He alone is life, and beauty, and goodness. We were once made in His image and only knew true life, true beauty, and true goodness, but our forebearers allowed a lie to infiltrate our lineage and we became alienated from GOD, He that is Truth. Our Heavenly Father is calling us back to our soundness of mind, the place where we agree with all that He says and does without reservation or question. It is the call to the loving cross of Christ. It is a call to surrender to true life again. As our study of Truth revealed, we must humble ourselves and incline our minds to Truth, we must meditate in Truth until the reality of it saturates our hearts and manifest in what we say and do…. Until we, like GOD, become fully true and real.

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