Love’s Synergy

Spiritual intimacy allows beauty to be experienced in love.

It is natural to see something beautiful and desire to be one with it,

Meaning to be inside it and have it inside you,

But love is the only way to do this in a way which neither harms nor violates the other.

The unity of love fulfills both as each person gives a part of their self.

There is no taking, only giving and receiving.

This is love’s synergy.

I did not have the power to love until I first received love from GOD. Before experiencing the fulfilling love of GOD, through the gift of Christ, I was like most people, driven by a hunger and thirst that is never fully satisfied. My soul was disquieted, and I could find no lasting comfort. As a result of this condition, I had what scripture referrers to as inordinate affections. When you dig into the meaning of an “inordinate affection” you understand it to be an immoderate attachment to things developed as a way of coping with hardship or pain. This is often manifested in social disorders like the many addictions prevalent today such as addiction to sex, to affirmations from others, to food, to entertainment, and to any other things that will numb the pain or fit into the void left by an absence of GOD’s divine love. Satan, through trickery, has weaponized fear and unbelief against mankind by causing him to look to his own devices rather than to GOD for solutions.

The encounter of Christ with the Samaritan woman at the well is a lesson for us today(John 4:5-29). He referred to her history of depending on relationships with men as immersing her soul in wells that could never satisfy her thirst the way He was ordained to. He told her that He could give her living waters that would satisfy her soul forever. This reference is to the love which flows from GOD and the comfort which comes from His spirit. The addictions I mentioned earlier are examples of wells which many draw from that fail to truly satisfy. Each day we spend seeking solutions outside of faith in GOD is like time spent hoisting empty buckets. The scripture says the Samaritan woman left her waterpot and went forward with the testimony of Christ. We must allow the love given in the sacrifice of Christ to cancel our fears and renew our confidence in GOD unto the perseverance of hope. Hope in GOD leads to obtaining His promises of love, comfort, and peace. These are the true treasures which our soul hungers for.

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