The First Step Is Often the Hardest

Life is a journey toward maturity or completion. Mechanisms which aid us in our development toward maturity increases the quality of our life. The level of our maturity determines the reasoning we use in making life decisions. The more mature we are, the better are the decisions we make, and the more we enjoy our life experiences. Each place you find yourself in during your life’s journey has specific information regarding how you got there and the best direction for your next step. To obtain this information regarding where you are, to leverage it for making your best next step, requires the work of accepting, processing, learning, and adjusting. If this work is done correctly, your next step will be a step toward greater development and maturity, for better life experiences. However, if this work is not done, you could find yourself in a state of arrested development where you continue to experience the same issues and experiences you were hoping to avoid. I have heard people say they have no regrets in life. I understand this mindset as a way of trying to keep things positive, but regret is not a negative. Regret is a reasonable emotion to have if you have made a poor decision which caused pain or waste. Regret only becomes a negative if you do not leverage it to spark the work of accepting, processing, learning, and adjusting. Denial blocks the first step in the succession of work required to avoid repeating painful or wasteful experiences. This is why America is in the condition it is in today, because America has tried to hide and change its history instead of accepting it, processing it, learning from it, then adjusting its mission. Neglecting this work of maturing is why people get stuck in cycles which bring them back to the same place over and over again. I want to unpack each of the steps of this vital work of making the most out of every experience in life.

The first step is to accept. To accept is to recognize as true and to hold what is happening in complete awareness. Without acceptance, you can become detached from reality which can block you from taking responsibility for consequences you are causing. These consequences could be impacting you as well as others. This disconnect can also keep us from taking necessary steps to move ourselves out of dangerous environments were others are causing us harm. Accepting opens the door of awareness, and awareness is synonymous with consciousness, and consciousness is the basic characteristic of life. Being unconscious is comparable to being dead. Accepting is the path to truly living.

The second step is to process. To process is to take the information accepted and subject it to examination or analysis by comparing it against the knowledge of GOD and His universal principles. This step is essential in determining if things are in correct order and if structures are sound and reliable. Without the knowledge of GOD, we are incapable of processing information in a way which makes it relevant to reality and actual life. Processing information against the knowledge of GOD tells us what is true and what is false, what is good versus what is evil, what leads to life versus what leads to death. The knowledge of God is our ruler and compass.

The third step is learning. When you are done processing information, you can calculate what you could have done better and what needs to change in light of what you now know. This coming to know is the act of learning. To learn is to gain knowledge or understanding or skill in, by the process of study, experience, or instruction that makes you capable. The whole reason we learn is to gain ability. Now that you are aware of where you are, and you understand how you arrived there, as well as where you need to be, and you know how to get there, you have the ability to take the fourth step. It is time to make the necessary adjustment. To adjust is to bring your life to a more satisfactory state by acting upon your acquired knowledge of what needs to be done and what you can do. This adjustment changes your angle on the plane of your life and takes you to a different place. The only way to move forward down the road of life is by maturing, which is the work of accepting, processing, learning, and adjusting.  

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