Permanent Change

clay and the potter 2

Language is funny. If you take a moment to consider the title of this post “Permanent Change”, you realize “permanent” and “change” means the exact opposite but it is totally reasonable to seek permanent change. In fact, I know many of you would like to see permanent change or lasting change in the upcoming year. That is to say, there are some things in your life that you would like to see changed forever, hence, change that is permanent. There is only one that does eternal works, God almighty. The amazing grace of God brings His eternal power to bear on our lives for good. Through the power of God you can realize positive permanent change in your life. In order to see lasting positive change in your life, you have to first adjust your values. We have to consistently put premiums on the things we desire, or else they will be trumped by other things. Our priorities align themselves with the things we deem important. This happens automatically. If our values are good, then our priorities will be in order.  Our values have to line up with our goals if we are to live a life conducive to reaching them. This means we have to be honest about who we are, the values we have, and the changes that need to be made. Your values are most readily seen through where you spend your money and time.  Your money and time have enormous impact in your life, so you have to spend them both virtuously. That is where God comes in. Virtuous is a word used to identify that which is good, and we know all good things come from God. Proverbs 16:3 reads,

“Commit your works unto God and your thoughts will be established.”

Established means set up permanently. So, if you will determine to seek God’s direction in bringing about change in the upcoming year, He will bring it to pass. When God establishes something, it remains until He decides to change it. Look at night and day, the seasons, seed-time and harvest, the sun, the moon, and the stars.  Keep this in mind as you look for change, often it is us and not our surroundings that need changing. I have found that each day God loads us with benefits and gives us what we need for each day, however we often can’t see the provision because our hearts are fixed on the wrong things, that is why I stated that to see lasting change begins with a change in our values. This equates to a change of heart, and a renewing of the mind, which are both God’s work.  The more we lay down welcome mats for God in front of the various doors to our heart, the more ways He will enter in and bless us. I pray that in the upcoming year we open every door where we hear the gracious knock of God to usher in the permanent change our heart has been longing for.

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