Living Lampstands

I shine light on false doctrines not because I like stirring up controversy, nor do I go around looking for beliefs and opinions to attack. It is in my nature as a lover of truth to champion reality for those who sincerely are trying to find their way. We all have an adversary none by names such as Satan, Lucifer, and the devil, who goes about constantly spreading lies, in an attempt to distort, pervert, and overshadow truth. When we learn and embrace truth it liberates and unites us. When we are liberated and united by truth, we manifest the glory of GOD who is Truth, and we are free to know Him and that is the key to ultimate fulfillment.

I haven’t performed or consulted any type of formal statistical study, but I would chance to say that Christianity is the most splintered religion on earth. I boldly proclaim the reason is because in its true expression it is the path of reconciliation to YAHWEH, the only true GOD. Satan knows this so he concentrates his efforts on perverting the image and expressions of YAHWEH by misrepresenting the gospel in as many ways possible. I am encouraged though by the excellence, beauty, and power of YAHWEH in that HE is so glorious that nothing or no one can fully obscure His glory. So, they that hunger and thirst for righteousness shall be filled, and the those that have a pure desire to know Him and seek Him will find Him.

All who have been born again through Christ, the Word of GOD, are called and empowered by His Spirit to be fiery lampstands giving off the light of His love and truth.

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