Don’t hit snooze…Wake Up!

As I listened to the news coverage of the insurrection in the Capitol of the United States, the recurring sentiments of disbelief and surprise by the correspondents and government officials revealed a disconnect from the reality of other current day events, as well as American history. All denial is eventually disrupted by truth. We saw the uprising of weeds and briars of falsehood overtake the Capitol from a long history of sowing lies and oppressing the agent of truth.

-This is what happens when you give free reign and privilege to your enemies and allow them to erect statues of their heroes who fought against your professed principles and ideals.

-This is what happens when you reject and condemn the constructive criticisms of those who love you in resistance to needed reforms which will make YOU uncomfortable.

-This is what happens when history is forgotten or rewritten to cover up the evil roots of corrupt policies still enforced.

-This is what happens when the curriculum of the public education system is influenced by political agendas.

-This is what happens when racial bias, whether conscious or unconscious, permeates the judicial system and the highest offices of government.

-This is what happens when you celebrate evil men as valiant patriarchs and choose not to remember their cruelty and injustice.

-This is what happens when you rather believe the altered portrait of yourself instead of having the courage to look into a mirror of truth.

-This is what happens when you refuse to wake up from the original American dream.

Praying for a revolution of values in the world today based on a love of truth.

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