Crossing over to Spiritual unity is the only hope


The place of spiritual unity is described in Psalms 133 as being like the place where the Lord commands the blessing of life forevermore. The place of spiritual unity is the place where we abide together through obedience to GOD’s word and it is Life. The place of obedience is where we submit to the dominion of GOD, in other words, it is where GOD has dominion as King. Holy scripture teaches us that the Kingdom of GOD is righteousness, peace, and joy.

Spiritual unity is like the sweet communion of corporate worship, when the family of GOD comes together and everyone is focused on the grace, mercy, love, and all the glory of Yeshua. It is a taste of Heaven. Unfortunately, the church struggles with a concentrated focus on Yeshua outside of a worship service environment. There are so many other attractions vying for our attention, our focus, our worship. Think about the parable Yeshua gave about how the cares of physical life and the concerns of this present world can choke the spiritual seed of the Word like weeds to make man unfruitful. When man becomes unfruitful in the fruit of the spirit he lacks the following: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance. When you examine those fruit you will find that they are required for people to dwell together in unity. Here are the weeds that grow in place of the fruit of the spirit: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality (total irresponsibility, lack of self-control), idolatry, sorcery, hostility, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions [that promote heresies], envy, drunkenness, riotous behavior, and other things like these. I am copying this right from the bible. Study the book of Galatians. The Apostle Paul says the Galatians are like a people who knew the truth but allowed themselves to become bewitched. I can see some comparisons that can be drawn to the Church of today.

The scripture says from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. The scripture also tells us that where a man’s treasure is, there his heart will be also. I can tell from these two truths that there are a lot of Christians that have too much treasure still remaining in this world. It is clear from what they speak or express and with the advent of social media it is even more apparent. Your treasure dictates your values. If your treasure is earthy then your values will be also. This is why Christians in America have historically not shown values inline with divine teaching. Their values have to often been spoiled by a culture of capitalism. When the heart is tainted then vision is impaired. This is also why so many Christians are entangled in skirmishes of political parties (factions) and worldly interest. In the Book of 2 Timothy we are taught that the soldiers of Yeshua shouldn’t be entangled in the affairs of this life that we might please Him. If you are carnally minded due to being caught up in the affairs of this life then you will not be able to please GOD. The scripture says when you are carnally minded, the things of the spirit are foolishness to you. If what you are reading here sounds like foolishness, then you know where you stand.

The political system of this world is not how Christians change things. Our weapons are mighty through GOD to the pulling down of strongholds! I am not saying Christians should neglect their civic responsibilities to make their communities better but we shouldn’t be dismayed or anxiously involved to the degree as unbelievers who have their hopes in men and in the systems of this world. The bible has already told us the systems of this world will implode because they have chosen to exclude the knowledge of GOD. As society around us decays, if we are not spiritually minded, we will result to the same striving, biting and scratching to sustain carnal life as those who have no other hope.

When you study the bible in John 17, Ephesians 4, and Philippians 2, you see how the unity of the church, or the body Christ, or the family of GOD is dependent on life in the Spirit. Life in the spirit is living with a focus on what pleases GOD. What makes this possible is sacrificing an existence based on what pleases self. This means daily taking up the cross as Yeshua did. We see this dedication in Romans chapter 12 were the Apostle Paul says we should give our bodies as living sacrifices to GOD. It is considered our reasonable service to continually offer our carnal lives on the altar of the cross that we might live in the Spirit to please GOD. This should be our daily, hourly, moment to moment focus. I am not saying we should not have carnal pleasures. I am saying carnal life and its pleasures should not rule our lives or dictate our priorities. In Galatians 6, the Apostle Paul says taking up the cross of Christ is the equivalent of being crucified to the world and having the world crucified to you. The level setting of the cross creates clarity of vision that allows us to see and unify around the perspective of the Spirit. Without man taking up the cross, he can have no spiritual unity or fellowship of the spirit with GOD or with one another. We should always be endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit by seeking to please GOD first and endeavoring to have His perspective on life and things that pertain to mankind. This is the only way the Church will be able to offer an alternative hope to a world in despair.


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