These are two ministries that I support and have intimate knowledge of. If you are looking to donate your resources to a worthy cause, please take a moment to become familiar with each of these ministries.  If your heart compels you to offer support, by all means go with it!




Our Mission

Trinity Community Ministries exists to provide faith-based, transformational opportunities for people who are homeless and men with issues regarding drug dependency.

The vision to transform our community through faith to empower the homeless to become accountable for their lives and make it possible for volunteers to live out their compassion through service is the force that has driven us for the past three (3) decades. This passion will continue to push us to create more innovative and effective ways to combat the root causes of homelessness.

Though we have been blessed with the means to help thousands of souls over the years, we realize that there are many more out there that are in dire need. With your help, we can provide these weary souls with something that is, oftentimes, in short supply: hope and compassion.



Trinity Community Ministries | 21 Bell St. NE | Atlanta, GA 30303
TCM Office: (404) 577-6651 | Trinity House: (404) 222-0553 | Fax: (404) 659-2674


The Exodus Road




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