Fatherhood: A Post On The Front Line

Healthy, strong, families are the foundation of any sustainable society. If mankind is to have a future, the family model has to stay consistent with the mandates of the Creator. Family is Yahweh’s precious garden, from which he reaps His precious children. He cares for the garden by providing light, water, and precious seed. Our Father God established an everlasting covenant with Abraham  as the first seed bearer and protector of the garden. Yahweh chose Abraham because  he knew Abraham would be faithful to teach his children in the ways of life to perpetuate the garden. He knew Abraham would give his children all the Word He had shared with Abraham. The Word is the precious seed.   Our responsibility as fathers is to protect the seed and to protect the garden and to pass on the knowledge of keeping the garden. This role of protector of the garden places fathers on the front line of the war against the forces that oppose mankind. Satan hates God and he got thumped trying to take the throne of God. Now Satan’s mission is to try to destroy the lineage of God, the children of God; Mankind.

It is no coincidence that family is under major assault right now. Selfishness, infidelity, divorce, homosexuality, materialism, conspiracy against parental authority, sexual immorality and the weakening of men are all just a few of the weeds that Satan is using in an attempt to destroy the garden of life (family) which produces the children of God.
I want to encourage fathers today to stand your ground! Hold your post! Soldier up and get arrayed in righteousness for battle! Father’s are central to the cause; we do not live unto our selves. What we do today has repercussions on our children’s children. Live by faith in God and be the children of Abraham; protectors of God’s precious garden. We have our charge, so let’s hold our post and stand strong in the power of God!
Mark 3:27;
“No man can enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house.”

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